Welcome to the Mentality MakeOver! The RBT Institute is excited that you took this important step to explore renovating your mindset! We call it, retrain the brain!

It really doesn't matter if this is your initial step in exploring this topic in your life or your 99th attempt. All that truly matters is that you don't give up! It will be a journey but one that can be completed if you stick to it and WORK IT! Regularly, intentionally, relentlessly, and without apologies. You know, those paralyzing excuses that keep you victimized:-(

People who may benefit from this course are:

  • Those who have battled with a pessimistic mindset.
  • Those who constantly feel that nothing good in life is going to occur.
  • Those who are harassed by fear, anxiety, worry, an unhealthy self-perception, grief, depression, addictive behavior patterns and other similar emotions that can become crippling.

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who struggles with mindsets that keep them from experiencing their total best every day!

What you can expect:

> Individual and group contact from your course instructor.

> Inspirational Assignments to help you stay on target.

> Regular challenges to keep your mind on track.

> Partnership,encouragement and motivation in a private group setting.

> Optional one-on-one coaching.

You deserve and can do this! Let's get started!

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